[R] prettyR 25% quartile, 75% quartile

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Fri Apr 4 12:15:23 CEST 2008

stephen sefick wrote:
> I am using the describe function in prettyR.  I would like to add the
> 25% 75% quartiles to the summary table
> how do I do this
> I have tried
> describe(x.f, num.desc=c("mean", "median", "sd", "min", "max",
> "skewness", "quantile(x.f, na.rm=T, probs=seq(0.25, 0.75))",
> "valid.n"))
Hi Stephen,
If you want to run your own summary function within "describe", you have 
to write a "wrapper" function that can be called by its name (unless I 
radically rewrite "describe.numeric" so that a list of arguments can be 
included). Additionally, the function should return a single value 
(otherwise the "pretty" columnar display is messed up). So:

q25<-function(x,na.rm) {
q75<-function(x,na.rm) {
describe(x.f, num.desc=c("mean", "median", "sd", "min", "max",

You have anticipated the help file of the latest version (1.3) that 
shows how to write a little wrapper for describe.numeric. Very good.


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