[R] restrictions for attribute access <Watchdog: Virus checked>

Benjamin Polak benjamin.polak at unisg.ch
Wed Apr 2 12:59:30 CEST 2008

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with accessing class attributes. I think it might be 
due to namespace access restrictions or something similar, but I'm 
unable to figure it out, maybe someone knows the trick how to do 
it ...

I'm trying to extract some information from the summary object for a 
model fitted using the lmer function from the lme4 package:

  smry <- summary(lmer(foo ~ bar ...))
  tab <- attr(smry, "AICtab")

When I run this code as a regular R script everything works fine, 
tab$AIC has the desired value. But when I try to run this code from 
within a package I wrote, tab$AIC is NULL.

I've tried adding "import(lme4)", "importClassesFrom(lme4)" 
and "importMethodsFrom(lme4)" into the NAMESPACE file of my package, 
but it didn't help, tab$AIC is still NULL.

Thanks for any kind of hint!

Best Regards,

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