[R] access networked PCs directories/files with R ?

mel mel at altk.com
Tue Apr 1 18:12:29 CEST 2008

Prof Brian Ripley a écrit :
> On Tue, 1 Apr 2008, mel wrote:
>> access networked PCs directories/files with R ?
>> Dear group,
>> I would like to know if there is an "easy" way to access several
>> networked PCs directories/files from one PC with R ?
>> Concerned OS is windows.
>> I can for instance use dir() on my current PC.
>> Is there a way to do dir() on a connected PC ?
>> (Is there a special syntax for the path ?)
> If it works at all, the usual syntax will work. E.g.
>> dir("\\\\reeve\\temp")
> [1] "biblio.tex" "R"
> (that's \\reeve\temp, the share \temp on machine 'reeve').
>> (read.table() or readLines() work with URLs
>> I imagine it may also work on connected shared PCs)
> No, because MS has not implemented the RFC1738 for URLs to apply to 
> remote machines.  See ?url.

Hi Brian and Romain
Many thanks for both answers.
Both work nicely.

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