[R] xyplot question

Raymond Balise iteachtyping at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 00:37:38 CEST 2007

I am tring to do an xyplot where I want to plot 5 dots in each pane of
the trellice and the dots need to have lines (whiskers) extending up
and down at each point(plus a 45 degree reference line).  The data
frame is set up with the variables x y lcl and ucl (where the lcl and
ucl are the limits on the lines I want).  The code below gives me the
points but I cant figure out the lines limited by the lcl and ucl


          xyplot(y ~ x |  group * Method,
          xlab = "",
          xlim = c(-5, 1),
          ylab = "",
          ylim = c(-5, 1),
          col = "black",
          groups = group,
          aspect = 1,

          panel = function(x, y, ...) {
             panel.superpose(x, y, ...)
             panel.abline(0, 1)

The not trellice version of the first image I need in the xyplot can
be done like this:

          xlim = c(-5,1),
          ylim = c(-5,1)
abline (0, 1)
lines(rep(sub1$x[1],2), c(sub1$lcl[1], sub1$ucl[5]))
lines(rep(sub1$x[2],2), c(sub1$lcl[2], sub1$ucl[5]))
lines(rep(sub1$x[3],2), c(sub1$lcl[3], sub1$ucl[5]))
lines(rep(sub1$x[4],2), c(sub1$lcl[4], sub1$ucl[5]))
lines(rep(sub1$x[5],2), c(sub1$lcl[5], sub1$ucl[5]))

How can i tell it to use the lcl and ucl values to draw the whiskers I
need above and below the points?

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