[R] text in boxplots

Yves Moisan ymoisan at groupesm.com
Fri Sep 7 13:04:51 CEST 2007

Hi Greg,

Actually, I'm using the scatterplot function in the car namespace.  My
understanding is that the scatterplot is turned into a boxplot when the x
variable is a factor, but I can't see that in the code of the function. 
I've successfully modified the function to output regression stats (R^^2,
etc.) with the method 'text', but I can't seem to get any text printed when
the result of a call to scatterplot is a bunch of boxplots.  

I don't know how boxplots end up being generated (I like it though) in a
call to car:scatterplot.  The same data in ggobi would show the "standard"
scatterplot with data aligned vertically in lines along the values of the x
(factor) variable but car:scatterplot draws nice boxes around the data as a
bonus.  I guess I'll need to follow with some debugging tool.  I find it odd
that mtext works though.  Or maybe some graphics parameter is set such that
text doesn't show.

Thanx Greg.
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