[R] timezone conversion difficulties with the new US daylight saving time switch over

Tony Plate tplate at acm.org
Tue Oct 30 20:59:21 CET 2007

Mike Waters wrote:
> Tony Plate wrote:
>> [...]
> You don't say if this an R-specific problem, or if it afflicts your 
> computer system clock as well.

Thanks, I should have noted that my computer system clock is fine, and as
far as I can tell it (correctly) believes we are still in Daylight 
Saving mode.
It did not incorrectly fall back last Sunday at the date that would have 
the end of Daylight Saving under the old rules.

In case it matters, I do have a program running on my computer that
synchronizes time: "Domain Time II version 3.1.b.20040724R"

-- Tony Plate

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