[R] Splitting up the micEcon package?

Arne Henningsen ahenningsen at email.uni-kiel.de
Tue Oct 30 17:44:12 CET 2007

Dear R Users:

The functions of our "micEcon" package [1,2] can be subdivided into three 
- microeconomic demand and firm models
- sample selection models (mainly selection())
- routines for (likelihood) maximisation (e.g. maxLik(), maxNR(), maxBHHH())
   (mainly used for ML estimation of sample selection models)

Although sample selection models are often used in microeconomic analyses, 
they are also used in several other disciplines. Therefore, we are unsure 
whether it is better to keep these different functionalities in the micEcon 
package or to move the sample selection models and the routines for 
(likelihood) maximisation into one or two new package(s) (increasing the long 
list of R packages even further).
What is the recommendation of the R community?

Thank you,
Ott & Arne

Note: We have asked this question already on R-devel five days ago [3], 
but we did not receive an answer yet.

[1] http://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/Descriptions/micEcon.html
[2] http://www.micecon.org/
[3] http://tolstoy.newcastle.edu.au/R/e3/devel/07/10/0222.html

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