[R] quantiles for timestep out of large list

marcg mdgi at gmx.ch
Mon Oct 29 15:28:28 CET 2007

dear R

I have a list consisting of 20 matrices of dimensions (1600, 15).

Out of this list I plot median, max, min values in a timeplot, that works well with the code at the end.

I would like to plot quartile ranges.'m not able to find a way to compute the quantile for every time step.

Thanks a lot for your help

i<-14 #column of matrix to read

min.fun<- function(x){
        df_out <- matrix(0,ncol=2, nrow=nrow(x[[1]]))         
        df_out[,1]<- apply(do.call("rbind", lapply(x, "[[", 1)), 2,
min)  #my time-column
	df_out[,2]<- apply(do.call("rbind", lapply(x, "[[", i)), 2,
min)  #the selected column
min.mc<-min.fun(read)#apply function to my list called read

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