[R] multivariate Stochastic Volatility and GARCH

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Mon Oct 29 00:52:28 CET 2007

For DCC (and others multivariate garch models) see Kevin Sheppad's UCSD GARCH Toolbox:


Hope this helps,

Washington S. Silva

> Dear everyone,
> i`m a german economics student, writing my master´s thesis about
> "Multivariate Volatility Models". After having read about theoretical
> aspects of Multivariate GARCH ans Stochastic Volatility Models, I would like
> to compare DCC-GARCH and DC-SV with help of an empirical application. I
> figuered out that one has to use MCMC-simulation-methods for that. Some days
> ago I started searching the internet for already written codes... without
> any succes. The only code I found is from Yu and Meyer (2006) using BUGS
> -which I don't want to use- for making estimation and inference using
> Gibbs-Sampling.
> So the reason for me mailing you is that I`m searching for codes considering
> estimation of DCC or/and DC using matlab. I would also be thankfull for
> one-step methods like Gibbs. I hope my mailing was more or less
> undestandable and that any of you may be able to help me. 
> Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!
> Dennis Tuerk 
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