[R] Match and replace between two data.frames

Lauri Nikkinen lauri.nikkinen at iki.fi
Thu Oct 25 08:28:20 CEST 2007

Hi folks,

I have two dataframes like these:

DF <- data.frame(ID=c("AA1234","AB3233","AC4353","AD2345","AE7453"),
CK32344=c(1,3,2,4,1), CK32664=c(2,1,1,2,3), CK33422=c(2,2,1,3,2))
VAL <- data.frame(num=rep(6,3), type=c("CK32344", "CK32664",
"CK33422"), number=c("32","452","234"))

I want to replace the values in DF$CK32344, DF$CK32664 DF$CK33422 with
the corresponding number in the VAL$number.

The results should look like this:

RES <- data.frame(ID=c("AA1234","AB3233","AC4353","AD2345","AE7453"),
CK32344=rep(32, 5), CK32664=rep(425, 5), CK33422=rep(234, 5))

How do I do that?


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