[R] Q-type factor analysis

"Julia Kröpfl" jkroepfl at gmx.net
Wed Oct 24 09:44:38 CEST 2007

Hi there!

I have tried your idea with rotating the matrix and performing a normal PCA, but the problem is, that "princomp" can only perform PCA if there are more rows than columns. When I rotate the matrix, I get my observations put in the columns and my features in the rows (more columns than rows) and therefore get an error message.

Any ideas what to do?

Thx for your help,
I really appreciate it!

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> On 10/12/07, "Julia Kröpfl" <jkroepfl at gmx.net> wrote:
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> > Is there a package in R that does Q-type factor analysis?
> > I know how to do principal component analysis, but haven't found any
> > application of Q-type factor analysis.
> Q-mode factor analysis is not a separate "type" of factor analysis but (in
> old-fashioned psychological slang) analyzing of rows rather than the
> columns
> of data matrix. So you can transpose your data (with t() if it's a matrix)
> and do an "ordinary" factor analysis or PCA.
> Kenn



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