[R] RODBC problem: sqlSave not working after an update

Pat Carroll docpat2511 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 22:01:25 CEST 2007

Good day, all.

I just upgraded to R 2.6.0. I re-installed my most-used packages including RODBC to be sure I'm up-to-date. I have been working with a large insurance claims dataset stored in a MS-Access database on a Windows machine. I have been regularly exporting tables from R into it using sqlSave. It's worked like a charm until today, when this happened:

> CDUchannel<-odbcDriverConnect()
> sqlSave(CDUchannel,CDUAdmits,tablename="RCDUAdmits5")
Error in sqlSave(CDUchannel, CDUAdmits, tablename = "RCDUAdmits5") : 
  [RODBC] Failed exec in Update
22018 39 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Invalid character value for cast specification (null)

When I open the database in Access, I find that a table with the correct name has been created, it contains the right number of columns and all are appropriately named, but it is empty. There is a long pause between entering the command and the error message printing, so some processing is happening. I couldn't find anything using "sqlSave","RODBC",and "Access" recently in the archives search.

Anybody understand this error message, or why I'm suddenly getting it now?

All help appreciated, as always.

Pat Carroll. 
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