[R] Substitute in function calling a function

Steve Powell steve at promente.org
Mon Oct 22 10:13:09 CEST 2007

Dear list members,
I am writing some functions to help with printing graphs. 
If I want to return the name of a variable within a function, for instance
to print the label for a graph, I know that I can use substitute:
fun=function(x) substitute(x)   #plus of course some other processing
fun(var) #prints "var" as required, not "x".

But if I call this function in another function
fun2=function(y) fun(y) #plus of course some other processing
fun2(var) #prints "y" when what I wanted was "var" 

I have tried lots of tricks using eval and expression but can't seem to get
it right. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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