[R] Secondary Y axis title

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 23:52:42 CEST 2007

In the zoo example you can control how far it lies from the axis
by adjusting the text() command and you can alter the margins
using the values for the mai parameter in the par() command.

On 10/20/07, John Theal <jtheal at bluewin.ch> wrote:
> I still haven't resolved this problem.  However, when I run the plot.zoo
> example the label appears, it also appears if I enter the commands
> manually.  The problem that persists is that the label has to lie so
> close to the secondary y axis, that (in my case) it becomes almost
> indistinguishable from the axis scale labels.  If the label is long,
> then it over-writes some of the scale labeling.  I thought it might be
> do to the way the Quartz window manager handles the figure margins
> (under Mac OS X), but it looks as though maybe this is not the case.
> I'm running the same versions of R (2.6.0, unpatched) and zoo (1.4-0) as
> Gabor.  I am using R under Mac OS X.
> Dave Hewitt wrote:
> > I was curious about the exact same question that John Theal posed -
> > how to get a second y-axis label for a plot of two data series against
> > a common x (in my case, time).
> >
> > I tried two different methods - one in lattice and one in plot. Both
> > times the y-axis on the right side appears but the label does not.
> > Similar to John's comment, it appears that there is not enough room
> > for the label.
> >
> > Gabor mentioned that the plot.zoo examples give a plot like this. When
> > I run that series of examples, #7 appears to be what Gabor was
> > referring to, but even there the label for the right-hand y-axis is
> > missing.
> >
> > Help?
> >
> > Dave Hewitt
> >
> >

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