[R] RMySQL LoadLibrary failure: Invalid access to memory location.

Talbot Katz topkatz at msn.com
Fri Oct 19 19:38:51 CEST 2007


A colleague of mine figured out how to get the RMySQL 0.6 package to load 
properly in our environment with MySQL 5.0.45.  Every time I tried to load 
the RMySQL library in R 2.5.1 I was getting an error message:
  LoadLibrary failure:  Invalid access to memory location.

We did the following:
First obtain RMySQL 0.5-7, which can be found at 
http://stat.bell-labs.com/RS-DBI/download/index.html, but don't overwrite 
the RMySQL 0.6 folder with this, place it in a separate location.
Then, from the RMySQL_0.5-7 libs sub-folder, grab the file libMySQL.dll.  
This is a MySQL dll that is not included in the RMySQL_0.6 libs sub-folder.
Then copy this version of libMySQL.dll, dated January 28th, 2006, to the 
system folder, C:\WINDOWS\system32, overwriting the copy that was there (I 
didn't see which one it was, but the libMySQL.dll in the MySQL Server 
5.0\bin sub-folder is dated July 6th, 2007).
Now the RMySQL library loads correctly in R 2.5.1 on my Windows XP machine.  
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we haven't violated some other universal 

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