[R] type conversion

Roger Mason rmason at esd.mun.ca
Wed Oct 17 21:50:37 CEST 2007


I am trying to do arithmetic on numbers extracted from a PostgreSQL
database, wherein the numbers are stored as type "money".  The
transcript below illustrates the problem.

> Membersind06 <- sqlQuery(channel,"select * from income where rowname like '%Membersind%'")         
> names(Membersind06)
[1] "rowname"  "item"     "budget07" "budget08" "actual06"
> Membersind06$actual06
[1] $149,625.00
Levels: $149,625.00
> typeof(Membersind06$actual06)
[1] "integer"
> Membersind06$actual06/10
[1] NA
Warning message:
/ not meaningful for factors in: Ops.factor(Membersind06$actual06, 10)

Can someone show me how to convert the quantity stored in
Membersind06$actual06 to a numeric type such that I can perfor
arithmetic operations on it?

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