[R] Import from excel 2007

Scionforbai scionforbai at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 17:03:41 CEST 2007

> It would be dumb to ignore the fact that Excel is a very widespread
> program, and therefore in the real world we are very likely to
> encounter data formatted by Excel.

Of course I know the widespreading of such programs. But the point is:
how can we start to change this in the real world? People using
proprietary formats are annoying, even more if they don't even think
about it and don't know what a format is.

> I use R as a means to an end, as a tool to solve real world problems,
> not out of a religious idealism.

I think this is a very important point. Whatever critic to the "real
world habits" one can move, it is said to be religious idealism (or at
least geeky attitude).
There are technical and philosophical reasons for discouraging using
proprietary software/formats (Marc Schwartz provided a link which
points out some about spreadshits - yes, intentional ;) ). This is
true even if you aren't communist, anarchist, or GNUliban.
The fact that in your real life you solve real problems doesn't mean
that you should not ask yourself which means you use and why, nor
discussing about others'choices. "Because everyone out there does the
same" is not, for me, a satisfying answer. And I just wanted to
discuss about that, in the hope that maybe someone, reading these few
messages, would start asking himself the same question.

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