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Hello Alexander

I doubt that such an analyis is very useful as the data is not sampled 
synchronously (equity close in the US for ^gspc and even that is not 
always at the same time, some average price from Oanda data). Also fx 
data from others sources as suggested in another mail on this list would 
not really help with this unless it is really sampled at exactly the 
same times as the equity close of ^gspc. The only way to get clean data 
for such an analysis is to use intraday data.

Best regards

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>I have S&P index data (^gspc) that I got from get.hist.quote from yahoo, 
>and fx data from the same function from Oanda.  The Oanda data has 
>7-days, and the S&P data has 5.  Anyone know how to get them to match up 
>for the same time period?

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