[R] A rebel boxplot question

p.valdes at arsystel.com p.valdes at arsystel.com
Tue Oct 9 16:36:24 CEST 2007

Rolf Turner wrote

>Your example is a bit confusing ---

Sorry, maybe I can provide a better example above of what I want.

> ``add'' and ``col'' do not seem to be arguments for boxplot().

Are you sure? ;-) Maybe you could want to take a look to this:

    clyde <- rnorm(100)
    melvin <- sample(letters[1:4],100,TRUE)
    melvin[melvin=="b"] <- "c"
    melvin <- factor(melvin,levels=letters[1:4])

boxplot((clyde+2) ~

boxplot((clyde/5) ~

I'm intending to do something like this (but less psychodelic, only two
colors :-) , and with a single boxplot in b)

I am sudying also your idea, Thanks Rolf.


Pablo Valdes

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