[R] How to create something between a script and a package

Sergio Correia sergio.correia at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 04:02:00 CEST 2007

(Before starting: I'm a total R noob so please bear with me in case of
any error or faux pas).


For a small project, I'm writing a few simple R functions and calling
them from python (using RPy). I'm sharing the code with a couple of
friends, using a subversion server.

Now, I want something like a package, to be able to share functions
between ourselves. Having read a few package tutorials, I feel that
this is not exactly what I want and I'm kinda lost regarding what
alternatives are available.

What I want could be summarized as this:
- A plain text file (eg: myfunctions.R)
- Can be located in other folders besides the default (easier to
synchronize using subversion). Eg: myproject/rfunctions/myfunctions.R
- Can be accessed from the R console (without having to load a
specific workspace).

Is there any solution that can provide this?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


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