[R] graph or svn

H. Paul Benton hpbenton at scripps.edu
Tue Oct 9 01:04:00 CEST 2007

Hello all,

    I'm having a spot of trouble. I have made a very nice distance
matrix  from some comparison calculations. However, the matrix is 3096 x
3096, so it's relatively large. Currently I'm using the svn package as
it seems to work for my data. The graph package errors and says the
"adjacency matrix must be symmetric for undirected graphs". I though
3096 x 3096 was symmetric?? 
However, the with the svn package the gplot command has been running for
6hr's now and no end in sight :) . Is there another package that i can
use or a way to speed up the analysis, or even another way of displaying
the data than the nodes and edges plot?



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