[R] Linux editor for R+LaTeX, but not Emacs

jiho jo.irisson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 23:36:20 CEST 2007

On 2007-October-05  , at 18:56 , Christian Salas wrote:
> Using Tinn-R (in windows) is possible to run latex and R from the same
> editor, which was great. Now, I am using Ubuntu-linux, which has been
> better than WinXP. Currently, I am using Emacs (and then install ESS)
> for running LaTeX and R from a same editor-program (like i was doing
> with Tinn-R in windows). Nevertheless, and even though i have been  
> using
> Emacs for almost 2 years, it is not as friendly as i would like.
> I was wondering if you know of a linux editor that is able to run R  
> and
> compile LaTeX files from it.

I would look for an editor with scripting capabilities in which case  
sending the selection/current line to a terminal and running latex on  
the current file are really easy. Then if you want special features  
such as snippets, auto-completion and all you should probably keep a  
dedicated editor.
I am using TextMate on OS X currently and find it very powerful in  
combination with a plain old terminal[1]. An "equivalent" of TextMate  
on Linux could be Scribes:
I don't know wether it has some functions designed explicitly for R  
or LaTeX but it is extensible and chances are that people already  
wrote scripts for you to use.
I would be interested in knowing what you find, since I essentially  
have the same needs and stayed on OS X in great part because of  
TextMate. I would be happy to find a linux replacement and ditch my  
half-bitten apple for a penguin.

[1] http://jo.irisson.free.fr/?p=32


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