[R] RMySQL db connect

cinzia sala sala.cinziafelicita at hsr.it
Fri Oct 5 16:03:58 CEST 2007

I would like a small help on establishing a connection on a remote  
MySQL database using R

I am able to connect to a localhost database in mysql and perform  
queries, but when I try to connect to a database on a remote host (to  
which I usually have access through ssh) I fail to establish a  

 > library(RMySQL)
 > drv <- dbDriver("MySQL")
 > con_clinic <- dbConnect(drv, "pippo", "7777", "", "3308",  

Error in mysqlNewConnection(drv, ...) : RS-DBI driver: (could not  
connect pippo at on dbname "DB"
Error:Access denied for user 'pippo'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

When I connect to the database outside R, I usually first establish a  
ssh tunnel

ssh -L 3308:localhost:3306 pippo at

then, I connect to mysql db using MySQL query browser, that's why I  
have configured the same kind of connection in R as well.  My tunnel  
ssh connection was active when I tried to connect through R

Many thanks

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