[R] using spplot (sp package) with 5 quantiles

Mauricio Zambrano hzambran.newsgroups at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 11:34:59 CEST 2007


I'm using R 2.5.1 and gstat 0.9-39 library and I'm working with the
jura data set provided by gstat library.

I tried to plot a graph of metal concentrations (let's say Cd) with
the command spplot, but I realized that the default lags are equally
distributed between Min and Max. I did:

jura.pred.xy <- jura.pred
names(jura.pred.xy)[1:2] <- c("x", "y")
coordinates(jura.pred.xy) <- ~x+y
spplot(jura.pred.xy, scales=list(draw=TRUE), xlab="X direction",
ylab="Y direction", "Cd", main="Cd concentrations, [ppm]")

I need to use the five quantiles as interval separation and I tried
with the xyplot and levelplot help of lattice library, but I couldn't
find how to change this limits.

I know that I can use the command bubble to do this job:

bubble(jura.pred.xy, xlab="X direction", ylab="Y direction", main="Cd
concentrations, [ppm]")

but I would like to know haw to do it with spplot command

Thanks in advance


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