[R] R 2.6.0 Windows/lme4 Rblas load problem

Dieter Menne dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de
Fri Oct 5 09:44:57 CEST 2007

Dear Windows Maintainers,

after installing R 2.6.0 on Windows 2000 and doing a complete update of the
libraries as recommended by B.Ripley, it get the error message:

The dynamic link library Rblas could not be found in the specified path....

Note that the message says "Rblas", not Rblas.dll as expected under Windows. The
path is correct, and Rblas.dll is present

I made a copy of Rblas.dll in \bin naming it Rblas, and got it to work. 

I post this here since I don't know if this a problem of lme4 or rather the

Dieter Menne

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