[R] Bug or just a problem with the computer precision?

Renger van Nieuwkoop renger at ecoplan.ch
Thu Oct 4 14:44:17 CEST 2007


I have the following problem: I have a lot of numbers that identify
import goods according to the Harmonised System (8 numbers in two groups
with a dot in between). I want to move to the 
6 numbers (4 numbers, dot, two numbers). My trick to do this works for
all the numbers in the Harmonised Sytem but not for this one:

(A<-floor(100 * A ) / 100) = 4709.89

But this has to be 4709.90

If I do this in Excel it works fine...Any idea how to make sure that I
get 4709.90 and not 4709.89?



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