[R] Sweave and LaTeX

Julien Barnier jbarnier at ens-lsh.fr
Thu Oct 4 14:14:14 CEST 2007


> I started using Sweave and LaTeX but have a (smaller) problem.  As I
> am not yet very fluent in LaTeX I do the following: I texify my
> snw-file to look for errors in my LaTeX and correct them.

Maybe a dumb question, and sorry if this is the case, but do you run
Sweave on your Snw file ? Because you must do it first to get a .tex
file which will be passed to latex. If you directly run TeX on your
Snw file, it can't work.



Julien Barnier
Groupe de recherche sur la socialisation
ENS-LSH - Lyon, France

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