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Luís Paulo F. Garcia lpfgarcia at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 22:19:17 CEST 2007

Hi, my name is Luis, and I have a problem with a dataset.
Its name is algae and count the collection of data in a lake and respective
proliferation of algae.
The parameters that it has are: "mxPH", "mnO2", "Cl", "NO3" "NH4", "oPO4",
"PO4", "Chla" and "a1" all numerics.

a1 - algae1
If I try to do SVM with him, it doesn't generate a square matrix, why?

If I try to do same thing in another dataset as Glass of the package
with the data(Glass) that has the parameters:
"RI", "Na", "Mg", "Al", "Si", "K", "Ca" , "Ba",  "Fe" e "Type" , I get to
generate a square matrix! why?

My code is:

algae <- read.table('Analysis.txt',

algae <- algae[-c(62,199),]
algae <- algae[,4:12]

index <- 1:nrow(algae)

testindex <- sample(index, trunc(length(index)/3))

testset <- algae[testindex, ]
trainset <- algae[-testindex, ]

svm.model <- svm(a1 ~ ., data = trainset, cost = 100, gamma = 1)

svm.pred <- predict(svm.model, testset[, -9])

matrix.svm <- table(pred = svm.pred, true = testset[, 9])

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