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Paul Murrell paul at stat.auckland.ac.nz
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jiho wrote:
> On 2007-October-01  , at 08:42 , Paul Murrell wrote:
>> Mikkel Grum wrote:
>>> Dear useRs,
>>> Why are the rotated blue and yellow boxes in the example below 
>>> clipped outside of 6 x 6 inch window in the middle of the page?? 
>>> Where does the 6 x 6 inch window come from? I would like to make use 
>>> of the entire page.
>> 6x6 corresponds to the default size of the pdf() device, so it looks
>> like an issue with the implementation of paper="a4".  Indeed, this
>> variation works as expected for me ...
>> pdf(file = "FarmMaps.pdf", width=7.6, height=11)
>> I will look at why the original approach does not work.

As JiHO points out (and Brian Ripley has kindly reminded me), the 
original approach is also working as expected.  If you want a large 
graphics region, you need to set the 'width' and the 'height' (not the 
'paper' size, which is basically just for printing).


> I have been bitten by this several times already. From what I 
> understood, the 'paper' argument just specifies the size of the sheet on 
> which a device of size 'width'x'height' is printed. The only relations 
> between the paper argument and the device size arguments are:
> - when using the default size "special"
> - when the device size is > paper size, in which case the device is 
> resized to fit on the paper sheet
> I would also like the device to take the full sheet when using the paper 
> argument, unless overridden by specific width and height arguments.
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