[R] get rid of format padding

Ido M. Tamir tamir at imp.univie.ac.at
Fri Nov 30 17:53:54 CET 2007

Dear readers,

I need to prevent the output of very large
integers in scientific format.
So I use format, but now the integers in the
resulting tab delimited output file are padded.

I tried justify="none" or "left", width=0 but nothing

2\ta\t    1\t1

thank you very much for your suggestions,


> vals <- c(10000,1)
> df <- data.frame(c("A","b"),format(vals),vals)
> write.table(df,"test.tab",sep="\t",header=FALSE,quote=FALSE)
> df <- data.frame(c("A","b"),format(vals,just="none"),vals)

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