[R] Splines and piecewise polynomials

Christopher J. Ruwe christopher.ruwe at cruwe.de
Tue Nov 13 21:57:16 CET 2007

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Dear R-Users!

I am trying to  fit a spline to a time-series with about 90 values.
I would like to specify about four to five knots and I would like the
values returned to be similar in fashion to the output of interpSpline -
  I would only like the spline to be constructed not with every point of
data as a knot, but with significantly less knots.

- From the plenty of packages available concerning splines, I have not
understood how to extract the piecewise polynomial \textit{functions}
instead of the fitted values, as I would like to integrate these and
therefor need to be able to construct a class polynomial.

Thank you very much for your help, have a nice evening
Christopher J. Ruwe
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