[R] Colored boxes with values in the box

Pappu, Kartik KPappu at mednet.ucla.edu
Thu Mar 22 23:42:24 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have a x, y matrix of numbers (usually ranging from 0 to 40).  I need 
to group these numbers and assign a color to each group (for example 0 
to 15 - Blue, 16-30- Yellow, and 31-40- Red).  Then I need to draw a 
rectangular matrix which contains X x Y boxes and each box has the  
corresponding value from the input matrix and is also colored according 
to which group (i.e red, yellow, or blue) that value falls into.

I have used the color2D.matplot function from the plotrix package, but 
I cant quite figure out how to group the values to represent red blue 
and yellow colors.



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