[R] error installing packages

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 21 09:02:36 CET 2007

On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Bernardo Rangel Tura wrote:

> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 09:33 -0800, Bricklemyer, Ross S wrote:
>> I was finally able to get R to 'configure', 'make', and 'install' on Mandriva 2007.  Itried to install gnomeGUI and I received an error.  See below.  At what step do I make R a shared library?  Where did I go wrong?
>> Ross
>> ==================================================
>> downloaded 74Kb
>> * Installing *Frontend* package 'gnomeGUI' ...
>> Using R Installation in R_HOME=/usr/local/lib64/R
>> R was not built as a shared library
>> Need a shared R library
>> ERROR: configuration failed for package 'gnomeGUI'
>> * Removing '/usr/local/lib64/R/library/gnomeGUI'
>> The downloaded packages are in
>>         /root/tmp/RtmpkHUeyA/downloaded_packages
>> Warning message:
>> installation of package 'gnomeGUI' had non-zero exit status in: install.packages(c("gnomeGUI"))
>> =================================================================================================
> Hi Ross!
> I use Ubuntu and instaling R using Synaptic. In this software have this
> observation about GnomeGUI:
> As of R 2.1.0, this interface is no longer provided with the upstream
> sources. As such, this package is now an empty stub that will be removed
> in a subsequent revision of the Debian package.
> So I think  gnomeGUI not instalable in R now...

This is almost entirely misinformation.  gnomeGUI is a package on CRAN 
(and has been for a couple of years), and can be installed just like any 
other package.  Like several others, it requires R to have been configured 
with --enable-R-shlib.

Please file a bug report on the Debian package that is misleading you.

[GNOME has moved on since gnomeGUI was written, and you may well find that 
you need to install older GNOME components to make use of it.]

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