[R] Multinomial models

Roland Rau roland.rproject at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 01:08:22 CEST 2007


since you are very new to R, just a small advice: try to give a minimal 
reproducible, self-contained example. This helps quite often to spot 
some mistakes yourself. This is my own experience and has been 
experienced by others, see, for example:


For example, mention that you are (probably?) using the package 'nnet'.

nicole baerg wrote:
> I get the coefficients. I would like, however, to get the
> coefficients, estimates, Std Erros and t-Ratios and/or z or P>[z]
names(model1) #if model1 is your fitted model as you write

then you will see a list of the components the fitted object should 
have. I guess the list should look similar to this:
  [1] "n"             "nunits"        "nconn"         "conn"
  [5] "nsunits"       "decay"         "entropy"       "softmax"
  [9] "censored"      "value"         "wts"           "fitted.values"
[13] "residuals"     "lev"           "call"          "terms"
[17] "weights"       "deviance"      "rank"          "coefnames"
[21] "vcoefnames"    "contrasts"     "xlevels"       "edf"
[25] "AIC"

> Also can you change the speficiation of the base category without recoding?

I hope this helps,

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