[R] Packaging under Win32 / cygwin : ZoneAlarm conflict [solved]

Peter Ruckdeschel Peter.Ruckdeschel at uni-bayreuth.de
Fri Jun 8 23:50:17 CEST 2007

just for the record...

recently I have had quite some problems with package
building under Win XP.

After some searching I found out that it was nothing R
was to be blamed for but rather my firewall,
i.e.; ZoneAlarm.

As it seems, this problem has gone unnoticed so far ---
I only found Marc Schwartz's posting


in the R-lists-archives.

In my case it was not only performance, but there seemes
to be a serious leakage phenomenon between cygwin's

   sh  (sh.exe dating from 01-27-04)

from Dunchan Murdochs' Rtools.exe
(cygpopt-0.dll from 04-13-07)


   ZoneAlarm (version 70_337_000)

I got reports that "fork: resource temporarily unavailable" and
finally virtually it shot off my system ...

Searching a bit further I found a more recent posting by
Luca Trevisani in the cygwin - archives:


who suggests replacing ZoneAlarm by other free firewalls.

In the end I did that, i.e.; removed ZoneAlarm completely
from my system and replaced it by some other firewall
(and also informed ZoneLabs about that conflict)

... and lived happily ever after ;-)

Hopefully this information is of help to others running into
similar problems.


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