[R] help with using grid to modify ggplot/lattice plots

Vikas Rawal vikasrawal at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 16:31:19 CEST 2007

I want to use grid to modify some boxplots made using ggplot. I would
really appreciate if somebody could guide me to a resource on how to
use grid to modify such graphics. I guess the basic approach will be
similar to using grid to modify lattice graphics. To that extent
something that explains use of grid to modify lattice graphics may
also be useful.

I have gone through vignettes in the grid package but am somehow not
able to understand the overall approach. It would be useful if there
is something more specific that deals with using grid to modify such

Vikas Rawal
Associate Professor
Centre for Economic Studies and Planning
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi

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