[R] How to plot two graphs on one single plot?

Yun Zhang yunzhang at Princeton.EDU
Fri Feb 23 15:43:18 CET 2007


I am trying to plot two distribution graph on one plot. But I dont know 
how. I set them to the same x, y limit, even same x, y labels.

 x1=rnorm(25, mean=0, sd=1)
 y1=dnorm(x1, mean=0, sd=1)

 x2=rnorm(25, mean=0, sd=1)
 y2=dnorm(x2, mean=0, sd=1)
 plot(x1, y1, type='p', xlim=range(x1,x2), ylim=range(y1, y2), xlab='x', 
 plot(x2, y2, type='p', col="red", xlab='x', ylab='y')

They just dont show up in one plot.

Any hint will be very helpful.


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