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Federico Calboli f.calboli at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Feb 20 15:10:16 CET 2007

Liaw, Andy wrote:
> I don't see why making copies of the columns you need inside the loop is
> "better" memory management.  If the data are in a matrix, accessing
> elements is quite fast.  If you're worrying about speed of that, do what
> Charles suggest: work with the transpose so that you are accessing
> elements in the same column in each iteration of the loop.

As I said, this is pretty academic, I am not looking for how to do something 

Having said that, let me present this code:

for(i in gp){
    new[i,1] = ifelse(srow[i]>0, new[srow[i],zippo[i]], sav[i])
    new[i,2] = ifelse(drow[i]>0, new[drow[i],zappo[i]], sav[i])

where gp is large vector and srow and drow are the dummy variables for:

srow = data[,2]
drow = data[,4]

If instead of the dummy variable I access the array directly (and its' a 600000 
x 6 array) the loop takes 2/3 days --not sure here, I killed it after 48 hours.

If I use dummy variables the code runs in 10 minutes-ish.




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