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Muenchen, Robert A (Bob) muenchen at utk.edu
Sat Feb 10 22:26:23 CET 2007

Hi All,

My paper "R for SAS and SPSS Users" received a bit more of a reaction
than I expected. I posted the link
(http://oit.utk.edu/scc/RforSAS&SPSSusers.pdf) about 12 days ago on
R-help and the equivalent SAS and SPSS lists. Since then people have
downloaded it 5,503 times and I've gotten lots of questions along the
lines of, "Surely R can't do for free what [fill in a SAS or SPSS
product here] does?" To try to address those, I've compiled a table that
is organized by the product categories SAS and SPSS offer. Keep in mind
that I still know far more about SAS and SPSS than I do about R, so I
could really use some help with this. The table is below in tabbed form.
I would appreciate it if the many R gurus out there would look it over
and send suggestions. I'll add it as an appendix when it's done (well,
as done as a moving target like this ever is!) 


Topic	SAS Product	SPSS Product	R Package
Advanced Models	SAS/STAT	SPSS Advanced Models(tm)	R
Automated Data Preparation	None	SPSS Data Preparation(tm)
Automated Forecasting	SAS Forecast Studio	DecisionTime/WhatIf(tm)
Basics	SAS	SPSS Base(tm)	R
Conjoint Analysis	SAS/STAT: Transreg	SPSS Conjoint(tm)
Correspondence Analysis	SAS/STAT: Corresp	SPSS Categories(tm)
Homals, MASS, FactoMineR, ade4, PTAk, ccoresp, vegan, made4,PsychoR
Custom Tables	Base: Proc Tabulate	SPSS Custom Tables(tm)	reshape
Data Mining	Enterprise Miner	Clementine	Rattle
Exact Tests	SAS/STAT: various	SPSS Exact Tests(tm)
Genetics	SAS/Genetics, SAS/Microarray Solution, JMP Genomics
None	Bioconductor
GIS/Mapping	SAS/GIS	SPSS Maps(tm)	maps
Graphical User Interface	Enterprise Guide	SPSS	JGR, R
Commander, pmg, Sciviews
Graphics	SAS/GRAPH(r)	SPSS Base(tm)	R, ggplot
Guided Analysis	SAS/LAB	None	None
Matrix/Linear Algebra	SAS/IML(tm), SAS/IML Workshop	SPSS Matrix(tm)
Missing Values Imputation	SAS/STAT: Proc MI	SPSS Missing
Values Analysis(tm)	aregImpute (Hmisc), fit.mult.impute (Design)
Mixed Models	Proc Mixed	SPSS Advanced Models	lmer
Operations Research	SAS/OR	None	TSP
Power Analysis	SAS/STAT:  Power,GLM Power	SamplePower(tm)	asypow,
powerpkg, pwr
 Regression Models	SAS/BASE	SPSS Regression Models(tm)
Sampling, Nonrandom	SAS/STAT: surveymeans, etc.	SPSS Complex
Samples(tm)	survey
Structural Equations	SAS/STAT: Calis	Amos(tm)	sem
Text Analysis	Text Miner	SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys(tm)
Time Series	SAS/ETS(tm)	SPSS Trends(tm)	ArDec, brainwaver, dyn,
fame, Systemfit, tsDyn, tseries, tseriesChaos, tsfa, urca, uroot
Trees, Decision or Regression	Enterprise Miner	SPSS
Classification Trees(tm), AnswerTree(tm)	tree, rpart
Visualization	SAS/INSIGHT	None	rggobi, GGobi

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