[R] tcltk again

Richard Müller r.mueller at oeko-sorpe.de
Sat Dec 29 18:17:42 CET 2007

the admonition of Prof. Ripley to search the documentation to solve my problem 
helped, today I read a lot more on Tcl/Tk than before ;-)
But now I'm stuck again. With the help of my script some functions are plotted 
on the display, then I ask if the user wants to save it as pdf. In windows I 
use winDialog and it works. But I can't succeed in Linux. In short:
res <-    tkmessageBox(title="Beenden?", 
      message="Vor dem Beenden als PDF speichern?", 
      icon="question", type="okcancel")
if (tclvalue(res) == "ok")
So far every thing is OK. Now I want a box the user should fill in the choosen 
filename (with a default)
and then
I experimented with tkgetSaveFile(). But in the moment the user gives the 
filename the file is not yet generated! And I can't generate it in advance, 
because the filename is not yet specified.
So I looked for a dialog box. [Some boxes are called "dialog boxes" though 
they only talk _to_ the user (besides the user's "yes" or "no")]. Just a 
simple box with a text field the user can type in and the value of this field 
given back.
One option was the "modal dialog", but I was not able to pick the essentials 
out of it. I did not want to press several buttons until the necessary window 
appears. Also the "editable text window" was not really a solution.
Perhaps a small hint again?

Richard Müller - Am Spring 9 - D-58802 Balve-Eisborn

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