[R] ggplot - Setting the y-scale in a bar plot

Pedro de Barros pbarros at ualg.pt
Tue Dec 11 19:20:16 CET 2007

Dear All (probably Hadley),

I am now trying to customise some plots using a bar geom.

I do not want to use the default binning statistic, but rather 
calculate the bar heigths separately. I do manage this, but for 
comparison purposes I would like to have a set of plots all with the 
same y-axis height. But I do not seem to find out how to fix the 
scale of the y-axis in this case.
Any tips?
Using R 2.6.1 on Windows.

Thanks for any help,

I attach below the code I am using:
plotdata<-data.frame(x=factor(2:8), y=0.1*(2:8))
mapping=aes_string(x='x',y='y'),geom='bar', stat='identity')

RangeY <-c(0,1)
YBreaks <- (0:10)*diff(RangeY)/10
YTickLabels<- as.character(YBreaks)

plot2 <- plot1 + scale_y_continuous(limits=RangeY, breaks=YBreaks, 
labels=YTickLabels, expand=c(0,0))

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