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On 31-Aug-07 10:38:07, Jim Lemon wrote:
> Rolf Turner wrote:
>> On 31/08/2007, at 9:10 AM, Antony Unwin wrote:
>>>Erich's more important point
>>>is that you need to speak the language of the people you cooperate
>>>with and often that language includes Excel.
>> So if the people you have to deal with are into astrology you should  
>> learn astrology?
> Yes, Rolf, if you want them to understand you. I once wrote a very 
> successful parody of those astrology character profiles simply by 
> borrowing an acquaintance's book and making dreadfully irreverent use
> of it.
> Jim

Now that you mention that, Jim, I feel a POMO coming on.

  if( ! you.know.what.i.mean() ){
    } else {
      stop("You know what I mean!")

The structural features of horoscope and astrology texts would
readily lend themselves to implementation in such an engine.

Mind you, from my occasional browsings of these texts, I suspect
it has already been done and is widely used.

Best wishes to all,

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