[R] opinion poll: do you need interactive 3D histogram into a pdf?

Bruno C. bruno.c at inwind.it
Fri Aug 31 11:04:22 CEST 2007


Couple of month ago I asked if there was a way to export 3D plots in U3D format ( these format allows to include the 3D plot , even via latex, into pdfs so the reader of the pdf can turn the plot and examine it from any viewpoint).
The answer is NO!
Sorry, The answer WAS, NO

I managed to do that, via some proof of concept code.

Now, I could turn my proof of concept code into an R package (of course some extrawork is needed for that).
The resulting package would  work approximaty like persp but with the advantage of an interactive window from where the user could turn the model and then export the corresponding u3d files (or export the pdf file directly without any visualization)

Now the poll:
Would You get any advantage from that?

I mean, I could spend 2 or more weeks to do it ... is it worth for the R comunity?

So please give me your opinion ... maybe in order to avoid   overloading of  the mailingserver, REPLY TO ME ONLY

In attachment a pdf file created with the proof of concept code (right click on the picture to activate menu to move objet:Acrobat 7 or higher required).
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