[R] Additions to xyplot (lattice)? - legend, ticks, axis label size, text

Dave Hewitt dhewitt at vims.edu
Thu Aug 30 19:52:44 CEST 2007

I have created an xyplot of a time series with the following code...

win.graph(width = 10, height = 7)

panel1 = function(x, y)  {
      panel.loess(x, y, lwd=2.5, span=0.5, col="gray")
      panel.xyplot(x, y, pch=19, col="blue", cex=1.25)

xyplot(oneplusdensity ~ year, data=figdata, aspect="fill", cex=1.5,
      xlab=NULL, ylab=expression("Crabs per 1,000 m"^2),
      xlim=c(1964, 2007), ylim=c(-2, 62),
      scales=list (x=list(tick.number=41, cex=0.8, rot=90),
      y= list(tick.number=7, cex=1.2)), panel=panel1)

I want to do the following things:

(1) Remove the ticks on the top and right boundaries
(2) Increase the size of the y-axis label to be larger than the tick labels
(3) Add a legend with the points and lowess line
(4) Add some annotation (text) in the lower left corner ('text' for plot() 
did not work)

I'm relatively new to lattice and spent a few hours with the manual and 
other help pages. I've begun to wonder if a regular old plot() for this 
would be better. Appreciate any redirection or suggestions.

Dave Hewitt

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