[R] filehash package: error in unserialize(con)

Adrian Dragulescu adrian_d at eskimo.com
Thu Aug 30 04:34:34 CEST 2007

This question is related to the filehash package only.

I would like to use the filehash package because of it's ability to deal
with large amounts of data.  I've set up a filehash database on a network
drive and populated it with several GB of data.  Somehow, I must have
corrupted the files because I cannot access the objects anymore.  Here is
what I do:

> require(filehash)
> filehashOption(defaultType = "RDS")      # need this, dbInit will fail
> db  <- dbInit("//nas-msw-07/app/Prices/Historical")
> hPP <- db2env(db)    # put all the data in an enviroment

> ("commod xyz ex" %in% ls(hPP))
[1] TRUE
> dbExists(db, "commod xyz ex")
[1] TRUE
> dbFetch(db, "commod xyz ex")
Error in unserialize(con) : error reading from connection
> hPP[["commod xyz ex"]]
Error in unserialize(con) : error reading from connection

How do I get to touch the data again?  It's really slow to recreate the
filehash again, and it seems to be very fragile.  Any suggestions much

Thank you,

Adrian Dragulescu

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