[R] Interpreting the eigen value of a population matrix (2nd try)

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Aug 29 15:18:47 CEST 2007

Simon Blomberg <s.blomberg1 <at> uq.edu.au> writes:

> To get a confidence interval on lambda, you need to have measures of
variability in the elements of the
> transition matrix. If you have that, you can use a parametric bootstrap to get
approximate confidence
> intervals. I have done this, and it seems to work. Alternatively, you could
calculate a Bayesian
> posterior density for lambda using the Bayesian melding methods developed by
Adrian Raftery et al., and
> calculate an HPD interval from that. I've done that too. It's slightly more
difficult, however.
> Simon.

   Or use the delta method:

Skalski, John R., Joshua J. Millspaugh, Peter Dillingham, and Rebecca A.
Buchanan. 2007. Calculating the variance of the finite rate of population change
from a matrix model in Mathematica. Environmental Modelling & Software 22, no. 3
(March): 359-364.
(accessed August 29, 2007).

  I've written a little bit of generic delta-method code, but I don't
know if it's this generic.

  Ben Bolker

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