[R] Nodes & edges with similarity matrix

H. Paul Benton hpbenton at scripps.edu
Tue Aug 28 23:25:27 CEST 2007


    I apologise if someone has already answered this but I searched and
googled but didn't find anything.

    I have a matrix which gives me the similarity of each item to each
other. I would like to turn this matrix into something like what they
have in the graph package with the nodes and edges.
http://cran.r-project.org/doc/packages/graph.pdf . However I cannot find
a method to convert my matrix to an object that graph can use.

my similarity matrix looks like:
> sim[1:4,]
                a          b          c          d
[a]  1.000000000  0.0223676  0.9723831  0.3943310
[b]  0.325141612  1.0000000  0.9644216  0.5460461
[c]  0.002109751  0.3426540  1.0000000  0.7080224
[d]  0.250153137  0.1987485  0.7391222  1.0000000

please don't get caught up with the numbers I simple made this to show.
I have not produce the code yet to make my similitary matrix.

Does anyone know a method to do this or do I have to write something. :(
If I do any starter code :D jj. If I've read something wrong or
misunderstood my apologies.



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