[R] Interpreting the eigen value of a population matrix (2nd try)

Anouk Simard bioasi at hermes.ulaval.ca
Tue Aug 28 17:17:50 CEST 2007

Thanks for telling me that you could not get my message, I hope this work

so my question was:

I built a population matrix to which I applied the fonction eigen in order
to find the main parameters about my population. I know that the first
eigen value correspond to lambda or exponential growth rate of my
population. My problem is that I want to have the 95% confidence interval
of the specific lambda (1.056 in the case). Is there a way to do that? Are
the other eigen value shown in the output could help me doing it. 
I would very appreciate any help. 
Thanks for your time

[1] 1.0561867+0.0000000i 0.0749653+0.5249157i 0.0749653-0.5249157i
[4] 0.4498348+0.0795373i 0.4498348-0.0795373i -0.3357868+0.0000000i
[1,] -0.72849129+0i -0.11058308+0.3293511i -0.11058308-0.3293511i
0.00244042+0.03012017i 0.00244042-0.03012017i
[2,] -0.41384232+0i 0.35124594+0.1765638i 0.35124594-0.1765638i
0.01004458+0.03839895i 0.01004458-0.03839895i
[3,] -0.27427879+0i 0.29630718-0.4260863i 0.29630718+0.4260863i
0.02540181+0.05526223i 0.02540181-0.05526223i
[4,] -0.34274458+0i -0.62502691+0.0000000i -0.62502691+0.0000000i
0.55688585-0.17705587i 0.55688585+0.17705587i
[5,] -0.31754610+0i 0.19351247+0.1625154i 0.19351247-0.1625154i
-0.73460380+0.00000000i -0.73460380+0.00000000i
[6,] -0.06705781+0i -0.00340804-0.0295753i -0.00340804+0.0295753i
0.30711075+0.13557984i 0.30711075-0.13557984i

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