[R] I again with shorter message and script

Ptit_Bleu ptit_bleu at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 27 10:58:00 CEST 2007


I realized that my first message and the script were (maybe) too long and
difficult to read.
So I tested this shorter one :


relrfichiers<-dir(chemin, pattern=".P")
rfichiers<-paste(chemin,relrfichiers, sep='')

save("tfichiers", file="tfichiers.r", ascii=TRUE)

if (file.exists("tfichiers.r"))


The result is :
nfichiers is equal to rfichiers
and when I ask tfichiers, I obtain ... "tfichiers" :-(

I read the ?save and saw the warning about the arguments but I have no idea
how to solve this problem which must be a basic one (but do not forget that
I'm a newbye and that I'm french :-)

Thans again for your comments and help,
Ptit Bleu.

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