[R] Saving results from Linux command line

Muenchen, Robert A (Bob) muenchen at utk.edu
Fri Aug 24 19:31:46 CEST 2007

I certainly appreciate those advantages, but I feel I'm missing
something very basic. I would have expected a function like
save.transcript or save.console to be able to write out the console's

I see a similar situation in the Windows GUI. There is the menu choice
Save> Workspace and the matching function save.image. In the console
window, there is the menu choice "File> Save to file" but I don't see an
equivalent function.

Is are there functions for all menu choices in R?


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> Go for the best and do it with ESS.
> ESS understands the file extension myfile.rt (not myfile.txt, which is
> generic)
> as an R transcript and therefore font-locks it for the R syntax and is
> able to resend
> multiple-line statements with a single ENTER.
> Within emacs, you can save the *R* buffer to a myfile.rt file (you can
> also
> save the R transcript as myfile.rt running inside a *shell* buffer,
> but that is silly at this point).
> Plus you get syntax highlighting and the other features on your
> myfile.R file.

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